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Diamondback entrance

Diamondback Brewing, Home of Icky the Cat

MD Brewery Challenge #27

Baltimore, MD

In the gentrifying neighborhood of Locust Point, the tiny brewery, Diamondback Brewing Company, has found a home. Yesterday, I visited Diamondback for 2 reasons. First,  the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood (SPBW) was holding their monthly meeting there. Second, it is #27 of 57 breweries in my self-imposed Maryland Brewery Challenge.   Continue reading Diamondback Brewing, Home of Icky the Cat

Street view of Brewer's Alley

Brewers Alley

MD Brewery Challenge #22

Frederick, MD

On a cool August day in Maryland (is that even possible?), I spent my lunch in Brewer’s Alley. I parked in downtown Frederick and walked to the brewery, finding a seat outside. My seemingly impossible goal of visiting 57 Maryland breweries this year is just a little closer.  Continue reading Brewers Alley

Chesapeake Brewing

Chesapeake Brewing Co

MD Brewery Challenge #19

Annapolis, MD

I headed to the Arts District of Annapolis for 2 reasons. First, to visit the 19th brewery for the Maryland Brewery Challenge — The Chesapeake Brewing Company. Second, I was there to meet Liz Murphy, the talented blogger of Naptown Pint and friends of just about everyone in the local beer industry. Continue reading Chesapeake Brewing Co