The 2nd Annual Columbia Pub Crawl

Columbia, MD

Mark your calendars! The second annual Columbia Pub Crawl has been scheduled for November 25th, 2017. Last year was a great time, so we’ll try it again this year. 

We’ll start out at the Ale House Columbia @ 11:00 am for brunch, then walk to Pub Dog, Frisco Taphouse, Sonoma’s, then finally the 2nd Chance Saloon for dinner. 5 miles of walking, 45 minutes for just drinking at each place and 1.5 hours at the Ale House & 2nd Chance each.

2nd Chance Saloon
2nd Chance Saloon

If you’re  interested, let me know at Warren’s Beer Adventures 2nd Annual Columbia Pub Crawl.

Still not convinced? Check out last year’s blog post.





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