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MD Comptroller, Peter Franchot, Warren and Kevin Atticks at Love Thy Beer

Love Thy Beer

Last night, I attended Love Thy Beer: Winter Warmer Showcase. This Brewers Association of Maryland event celebrates FeBREWary. Twenty-six breweries submitted their unique version of Cupid’s Curse for attendees to select the 2018 winner.  (Breaking News: Olde Mother Brewing has won the Cupid’s Curse for 2018 for their Expressions of Love Stout with castoreum). Continue reading Love Thy Beer

Jailbreak Brewery Tour

My Guest Blog on Book Culinary Vacations

I just recently posted on another site – my first guest blog! The site is BookCulinaryVacations. They organize culinary vacations, so if you are into food, it’s worth a visit. (Not an affiliate link)

Also, they asked about craft beer, so I put something together for them. Please check out my guest post at BookCulinaryVacation – Craft Beer Revolution.



BTW, no beer was injured in the making of this post.

More Saturday Beer Reads

February 10th, 2018

After watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night, I’m ready to get out and do something today. Last Saturday, I made a beer in Brewer’s Hill with my son and friends. The original gravity was low, so I’ll be adding some sugar (either honey or dry malt extract) to get the alcohol content and flavor up. Also, I have an electric strap that we can use to regulate the temperature of the wort since the house is a bit cool. Fun times!

Below are some craft beer articles that I found interesting. Enjoy. Continue reading More Saturday Beer Reads