Philly Beer Week

Day 1, Amtrak

All eight of us, clad in white T-shirts, collect at my house for a trip to Philly Beer Week. This will be our 6th time (for some of us) to attend this cherished annual event.

The white T-shirts are Dbear’s inspiration, following the Gang Beats Boggs’ from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In that ludicrous episode, the gang attempts to surpass Wade Boggs alleged record of drinking 70 beers in one plane ride. A mark is drawn on each T-shirt for every beer drunk.

White T-shirts for Philly Beer Week
White T-shirts for Philly Beer Week

Except for a little construction in Columbia, we arrive safely and on time at the Marc station at BWI. Believe it or not, the train is on time and we all find seats near each other. Dbear brings out a few beers to start the trip: Cigar City’s Jai Lai and Madura. I bring out Avery’s Maharaj. So far, 3 marks are on my shirt.



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