Olde Mother tasting room

Olde Mother

MD Brewery Challenge #44

Frederick, MD

It’s Friday night in Frederick! We’re hanging at #44 with a bunch of locals and a couple of dogs while eating grilled sandwiches. And of course, sampling some liquid refreshments at Olde Mother.

This is my second time visiting Olde Mother Brewing Company. On my first visit, we pulled into the parking lot only to find a sign saying they were closed for a wedding.

This time they were open. Walking past a grilled cheese food truck, we entered Olde Mother and were greeted by two very friendly dogs. Their website claims they are a dog-friendly bar, I didn’t realize they were describing the dogs.

John and I split a flight and noshed down on Cuban sandwiches from the food truck. The friendly dogs, of course, came over to check out all the goods smells. One actually laid his head on the table, begging for food.

Olde Mother flight
Olde Mother flight

Sorry, my notes are a bit lax tonight. These are not in order. (This is a test, see if you can match up the beers listed with the picture.)

Olde Mother is a fun brewery with an energetic crowd of friendly locals and fresh, well-made beers. It’s definitely worth stopping in – just bring your Scooby Snacks.

Among the bustling crowd was Chris Sands of The Uncapped Podcast. I was excited to finally meet the Frederick Master of Beer Ceremonies! Here is one of Chris’ videos with Olde Mother Brewing.

Curious about the MD Brewery Challenge? Click on this map showing our current status.




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