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Saturday Beer Reads

January 13th, 2018

Yesterday it was 60 degrees. Today it is freezing. Last weekend we were in Milton, Delaware experiencing 4-degree weather – and we booked the place because we hoped for warmer weather. While there, we stopped by Dogfish Head, of course. I’ve found a couple of articles relating to Dogfish as well as some other beer related stuff. Enjoy!  Continue reading Saturday Beer Reads

Running Hare Vineyard, home of Calvert Brewing Farm and Beer Garden

Calvert Brewing Company Farm

December 8th & 9th, 2017, Prince Frederick, MD

Maryland Brewery Challenge #50

Located on the Running Hare Vineyard is the Calvert Brewing Company’s farm brewery. This is the 3rd brewery on the Southern Maryland brewery road trip and the 50th brewery on the Maryland Brewery Challenge. It was an adventure finding the place but the location is breathtaking. Continue reading Calvert Brewing Company Farm

Outside Mully's Brewery

Mully’s Brewery

Prince Frederick, MD (Dec. 8, 2017)

MD Brewery Challenge #49

Mully’s Brewery was our second brewery on our 6 Brewery Southern Maryland tour. It is also number 49 in the Maryland Brewery Challenge. Mully’s is a family-run brewery, where owners Jason and Cindy Mullikin handle the hot and cold sides of the business and Jason’s mom helps out behind the bar.  Continue reading Mully’s Brewery