Running Hare Vineyard, home of Calvert Brewing Farm and Beer Garden

Calvert Brewing Company Farm

December 8th & 9th, 2017, Prince Frederick, MD

Maryland Brewery Challenge #50

Located on the Running Hare Vineyard is the Calvert Brewing Company’s farm brewery. This is the 3rd brewery on the Southern Maryland brewery road trip and the 50th brewery on the Maryland Brewery Challenge. It was an adventure finding the place but the location is breathtaking.After Mully’s, we were starting to run out of steam and the snow was still coming down. Jason Mullikin of Mully’s said that Calvert’s Prince Frederick brewery was nearby and Kristen Braden, Calvert’s Taproom Manager, said she could give us a brief tour. So we ventured out into the snow in my trusty rear wheel drive Ford Ranger, AKA Slidey Sam.

The GPS directed us to the address, but the Running Hare Vineyard sign was not lit, so we missed the turn the first time. A U-turn and a right took us down a dark, dirt lane. After what seemed like a lot of driving, we saw no lights, signs or cars and the snow seemed to be swirling around the truck. I chickened out and turned around. We could swing by tomorrow.

The next day, the snow had stopped falling and daylight made the lane much more welcoming. We knew the taproom would be closed, but I wanted to get a few pictures. We would visit their production facility later that day, so we would be able to sample their beer then.

Running Hare Vineyard, home of Calvert Brewing Farm and Beer Garden
Running Hare Vineyard, home of Calvert Brewing Farm and Beer Garden

The dirt lane actually became more of a washboard before smoothing out to an asphalt lane. Cresting a hill, we overlooked the Running Hare Vineyard’s villa and garden. It was worth the drive. We felt that we had traveled to a wine and beer Shangri-la with grape and hop vines and a beer garden.

Calvert Brewing Farm and Beer Garden
Calvert Brewing Farm tasting room

I hope to revisit this oasis of beer and wine sometime soon. With a tasting room offering both Maryland beer and wine, my gluten-free wife and I can enjoy this unique, out-of-the-way brewery/vineyard together.

For more information on the Calvert’s farm brewery, listen to Thirsty Maryland’s podcast about their visit to Running Hare Vineyard/Calvert Brewing.



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