Bulk Head Brewing Company

MD Brewery Challenge #10

From what I’ve heard from social media, friends, and rumors, Bulk Head Brewing Company will be opening soon. So a few days ago, a friend and I headed over to see for ourselves.

We turned left on 108 in Columbia, just past Sindi’s Deli and meandered to the back of the parking lot. We found the address surrounded by lots of construction vehicles. We saw someone inside, so we went in to talk to him. He was not “Mr. Bulkhead”, but Philip McGuire, owner of Kinda Jerky Really Nutty. He was there to pitch his jerky and nuts to Bulk Head. According to Mr. McGuire, Maryland breweries with tasting rooms are required by law to provide food to customers. Kinda Jerky Really Nutty makes their food in Forest Hill, MD. I tasted a handful of IPA Almonds cooked in an Independent Brewing IPA — pretty good.

So, back to Bulk Head. It looks like the brewery will occupy 3 bays at 8980 Old Annapolis Road. As their Twitter account says, the lights are on and they will be opening soon. As you can see, construction is still underway.

Untappd has over 400 entries for Bulk Head beers. Sadly, I still have not tried any of their beers. Their website advertises 8 “mainstay” beers plus 4 specialty IPAs. The IPAs are all at least 70 International Bitter Units (IBU). They even list an IIIPA (Cassinook IIIPA) at 140 IBUs – wow.  I am looking forward to tasting a few myself, hopefully soon.




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