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Frey's Brewing landscape

Frey’s Brewing

MD Brewery Challenge #45

Mt. Airy, MD

Adam Frey is a frustrated man. He has not brewed a beer for quite a while. Most of his energy has been directed towards running his 126-acre farm and haggling with Frederick County officials. Adam has been trying to convert his barn into a tasting room since January of 2017. Now, in November, Frederick County is still erecting bureaucratic roadblocks to building his tasting room.  Continue reading Frey’s Brewing

Steinhardt Brewery view

Steinhardt Brewing Company

MD Brewery Challenge #43

Frederick, MD

Google Maps says Frederick, but we were actually in Braddock Heights. It’s a small community about 5 miles west of Frederick. We were here to visit Jim Steinhardt, owner, brewer and chief bottle washer of Steinhardt Brewing Company. The brewery is literally in Jim’s garage.  Continue reading Steinhardt Brewing Company

Mad Science Brewing

Mad Science Brewing

MD Brewery Challenge #41

Adamstown, MD

I am enjoying toast with a few homemade poppers (roasted banana peppers stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon).  The toast has no crunch but is silky smooth, almost creamy, with a subtle malty sweetness and a touch of citrusy lemon. This bready treat actually comes from a growler filled at Mad Science Brewing Company from Thanksgiving Farms. It is the award-winning Helles Belles, a Munich lager, and I’m loving it! Continue reading Mad Science Brewing

Outside Barley and Hops

Barley and Hops

Frederick, MD

MD Brewery Challenge #36

Many say Frederick is the Asheville of Maryland. Just as Asheville, NC is known for its many breweries and fine craft beer, Frederick is making a name for itself in the craft beer world. And with good reason. You are probably familiar with Maryland’s largest brewery, Flying Dog – a terrific Frederick brewery. Also, thousands flock to Carroll Creek Park for the annual Frederick Craft Beer Festival each year. I’ve found another reason to travel to Frederick – Barley and Hops BreweryContinue reading Barley and Hops

Street view of Brewer's Alley

Brewers Alley

MD Brewery Challenge #22

Frederick, MD

On a cool August day in Maryland (is that even possible?), I spent my lunch in Brewer’s Alley. I parked in downtown Frederick and walked to the brewery, finding a seat outside. My seemingly impossible goal of visiting 57 Maryland breweries this year is just a little closer.  Continue reading Brewers Alley