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Black Flag Brewery Homebrew Competition


Febrewary Homebrew Competition posterThe new Columbia, MD brewery, Black Flag, is holding a homebrew competition with Maryland Homebrew (MDHB). The rules for this one “t” shy of a competition are simple. Submit 3 beers (all the same) during the week of February 8-15, 2017. No wild yeast, bacteria or barrel aging. The beers should have a label showing beer name, brewer and contact information and style. Ingredients should be available from MDHB. For first prize, your beer is brewed by Black Flag. Second and third prizes are $150 and $75 gift certificates from MDHB. Pretty cool stuff! Continue reading Black Flag Brewery Homebrew Competition

How to Plan a Pub Crawl

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I organized the first Columbia Pub Crawl. We were very lucky, with a good turnout and favorable weather. But it was not all luck. A lot of planning took place prior to our stroll through Columbia, Maryland. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading How to Plan a Pub Crawl

Heavy Seas Pirate Brewery Tour

21st Anniversary

Heavy Seas Brewery Tour Guide, Captain Flint
Heavy Seas Brewery Tour Guide, Captain Flint

Ahoy mateys! If ye be searchin’ fer a tour about pirates and beers, this be the place. Shiver me timbers, hardy har, har. Aaarrr!

Sorry, after a visit to the Heavy Seas Brewery, I had to get that out of my system. Continue reading Heavy Seas Pirate Brewery Tour

Founders Brewing at Frisco

Wednesday Pint Night in Columbia

Founders coozy and pint glass
Founders Swag

We all drifted into the Frisco Tap House in Columbia around 7:00pm for pint night. The promise of swag and delicious beer from the Grand Rapids, Michigan brewer, Founders, drew 6 of us in. Friscos offered about 10 Founders beers on tap. Pint night runs from 7-10pm, with a free glass if you try one of the featured brewer’s beers. As an added bonus, 2 raffles, a Founders’ lawn chair at 8 o’clock and a red Founders’ Coleman cooler at 9 o’clock, were on the agenda. Continue reading Founders Brewing at Frisco

Krampus Ale Tasting 2016

Our Annual Christmas Beer Tasting 2016

I have enjoyed drinking Samichlaus® Classic beer for years. Castle Brewery  Eggenberg of Samichlaus bottleAustria brews this very unique beer, once a year on December 6th, then ages it for 10 months. Why December 6th? It is St. Nicholas’ Day, the day to celebrate Santa Claus or the German version, Samichlaus, the bringer of gifts. And what better way to celebrate than to sample one of the world’s strongest and unique beers? It has an ABV of 14%.

Continue reading Krampus Ale Tasting 2016