Steinhardt Brewery view

Steinhardt Brewing Company

MD Brewery Challenge #43

Frederick, MD

Google Maps says Frederick, but we were actually in Braddock Heights. It’s a small community about 5 miles west of Frederick. We were here to visit Jim Steinhardt, owner, brewer and chief bottle washer of Steinhardt Brewing Company. The brewery is literally in Jim’s garage. 

Steinhardt Brewery, Jim
Chief Bottlewasher, Jim Steinhardt

On a cold afternoon, we admired the gorgeous view of South Mountain from the brewery. Jim and his wife bought the 4.5-acre lot because of its spectacular view. Jim works out of his home as an electrical engineer. He brews twice a week.

He had trouble getting his brewery approved by the county. Frederick County reneged on their initial approval of the brewery at the last minute. After months of discussion and inconsistent direction, the county allowed Steinhardt Brewing to open in a limited capacity. He uses 1 bay for the brewery in his 3-car detached garage.

He has been open for about 2.5 years. Free samples are provided after a brief brewery tour. You can buy bottles and growlers at the brewery. He also sells his beer at local farmers’ markets,  a few local pubs, and liquor stores.

Steinhardt Brewery
Steinhardt Brewery

I had the phenomenal Steinhardt beer – Bourbon Barrel Aged Tupelo Stout – at the Frederick Craft Beer Festival. You can read about our experience at the festival here.

Our first beer to taste was the Imperial Tupelo Stout, this time not bourbon barrel aged. It is still a wonderful beer. Unfortunately, all the remaining bottles of stout were spoken for. We also tasted a New England IPA. It was a juicy hop bomb, a delicious cloudy beer. We tasted Orange Punch, a sweet Belgian Strong Ale – a bit too sweet for me, but well made. Jim offered tastes of several sours, which I found scrumptiously tart. I came home with an Apricot Sour. I found all Jim’s beers smooth, well-balanced and deliciously complex.

Steinhardt Brewery, Jim, John and Warren
Steinhardt Brewery, Jim, John, and Warren

It is about an hour drive from Columbia, MD to the brewery. Send an email to to schedule a visit. He is usually available Friday afternoons for a tour and tastings.

After visiting the brewery, you can find Steinhardt beer on tap at The Braddock Inn Tuesday – Sunday. As Jim says, “Just ask for Carlo and tell him Jim sent you.”

Want to learn more about Steinhardt Brewing? Click on Brian Sands’ Uncapped Podcast below.




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