Saturday Beer Reads

January 13th, 2018

Yesterday it was 60 degrees. Today it is freezing. Last weekend we were in Milton, Delaware experiencing 4-degree weather – and we booked the place because we hoped for warmer weather. While there, we stopped by Dogfish Head, of course. I’ve found a couple of articles relating to Dogfish as well as some other beer related stuff. Enjoy! 

Dogfish Head Brewery Treehouse
Dogfish Head Brewery Treehouse

Did you know Dogfish Head has a hotel? Check out these beer-related accommodations. Also, Dogfish Head owner Sam Calagione and Beer Advocate talk beer and extreme beer.

Have I mentioned I’m a sour beer fan? Here are Vinepair’s 5 of the best-fruited sours – I’ve had Avery’s Apricot sour and it’s pretty darn good.

Local Beer News

Wesley Case of the Baltimore Sun reports on a new brewery – Suspended of Pigtown. Also, Crooked Crab Brewing is brewing their first batch – it looks like they will open soon. For those NoBo fans from Monument, I hear a new release is on its way. Look for it in local stores this week or next. This is a repeat, but I’m overly excited about Sapwood Cellars coming to Columbia.





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