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Monument City NOBO and Reckless

Columbia, MD

A few of us are back to Frisco Tap House this Wednesday for the Monument City Brewing Pint NIght. There’s big news at Frisco – their new production brewery will start brewing next week. In celebration, they have changed their name from Push American Brewing Company to Reckless. I’m sure brewer Ryan Yerdon is celebrating.

Frisco bar
Frisco bar

A huge shout out goes to my friend Stephen Wilson of Bond Distributing. As I entered Frisco, he strongly suggested I order Monument City’s NOMO. What a terrific beer! It is a delicious, hazy, New England IPA with plenty of grapefruit taste. Thanks, Stephen!

Also on tap was Hysteria‘s Trash Panda. As you loyal readers know, this is one of my favorite Howard County beers. I’m so pleased to find it at my local watering hole. I’m even planning a best Howard County beers IPA blind tasting to see how Trash Panda stacks up to some other HoCo beers.

On the way out, bartender Rachel convinced us to try a sample of Reckless Hazy Days Hefeweizen. Both dBear and I loved the banana aromas, while dBear even picked out a bubblegum scent. This easy drinking hefeweizen is worth checking out, the next time you have a yen for a Reckless beer.

Back room of Frisco, home of Columbia pint night crew
The backroom of Frisco, home of Columbia pint night crew. We were the last to leave.



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