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Troegs, Hedgehogs and Hats

Frisco Tap House

Tröegs Independent Brewing Co. was the Pint Night Brewer at Frisco. The small Columbia Pint Night crew looked forward to exploring some new Tröegs beers and seeing one of our favorite reps, TroegsMeghan, AKA beer_gypsy.

A celebration was in order. After months of renovating our bedroom, the ceiling fan was hung, the walls and trim painted, all the aluminum wire replaced with copper and the furniture back in place. I could once again sleep in my comfortable bed. As a reward, I tried Tröegs Scratch 284 Raspberry Gose. Too raspberry sweet for most of us, I enjoyed this combination tart and very sweet Gose.

Z and I had both read Business Insiders’ Best beer from every state, 2017 and were debating the merits of their choices. We agreed with Troegs Nugget Nectar (PA) and Maine Beer Company’s Dinner (ME) but Maryland’s Flying Dog Raging Bitch was up for debate. In an informal poll of the table, we agreed that Heavy Seas Loose Cannon was a better choice.

Besides Raging Bitch’s selection, Flying Dog is in the news. They have decided to curtail their relationship with the Brewers Association (BA), citing free speech issues.

Like eager kids in a candy store, our entire table migrated over to the big room to watch the raffle. TroegsMeghan handed out some hats and a frisbee, pulling tickets and reading numbers using a megaphone from the stairs. Afterward, she visited our table.

TroegsMeghan raffles off hats and a frisby
TroegsMeghan raffles off hats and a frisbee

It was fun to see the beer_gypsey. She told us about her adorable pet, Gizmo the hedgehog. Apparently, he is not as cute as he looks. His main talent is sticking his head cardboard tubes and whacking things. (You can actually follow Gizmo The Hedgehog on Instagram.)

As for beer news, we learned that Lures Bar and Grill from Crownsville, MD has pulled all Tröegs beer from their shelves. Lures have decided not to sell ABInbev products or products delivered by ABInbev trucks – wow.

BeerGypsy with Pint Night crew
BeerGypsy with Tröegs hat adorned Pint Night crew


Let’s start a rumor. I talked with Frisco General Manager, Keith, about my Maine trip, mentioning my disappointing quest for Dinner. He reminded me that Frisco has served Maine Beer Company’s Lunch at Frisco. He suggested that perhaps just maybe after Maine Beer’s expansion that Frisco may be able  (just a chance) get a hold of a keg of Dinner for Columbia. We can only hope. Keith, we know you can do it. So, next time you see Keith, ask him when Dinner will be on tap.

Frisco General Manager, Keith, and Dinner provider
Frisco General Manager, Keith, and Dinner provider?



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