Saturday Beer Reads

It’s been a hot week. So, stay indoors, find a cool place to relax. I’ve found a few articles about the beer world that might interest you.

There is big news in the local Baltimore beer world. DuClaw Brewing is seeking an investor or buyer, according to the Baltimore Sun. You can read about my recent visit to their Rosedale facility at my Duclaw visit.

Another local issue concerns Crownsville’s Lures Bar and Grille, which a year ago stopped carrying domestic bottles like Budweiser and Miller. Read about their even stronger stand to “discontinuing the sale of products that come through companies owned by Anheuser-Busch.” This means, as Troegs’ rep, Beer_gypsy, told me, Lures pulled all the Troegs’ beer from their store because it was delivered by an Anheuser-Busch distributor. I would be very interested in learning what people think about this.

Read about the best beer in every state. I guarantee this one will spark debate among your beer loving friends.

Women are slowly working their way into today’s world of beer. Years ago, women were the brewers of the day. Did you know Jane Austen was a home brewer? And speaking of that, I wonder what Jane would think about ‘Beer for women’ launched by Czech brewery sparking sexist outrage.

Finally, Think, Drink, But Then Repeat raises the question, “Can a beer be judged with just one sip?”. This article raises legitimate questions about our obsession with untappd as well as the changing circumstances that affect our beer tasting experience.





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