Saturday Beer Reads

I’m out-of-town on a car tour visiting some Southern Maryland breweries. It’s all part of the MD Brewery Challenge. We’ll be visiting Ruddy Duck, Mully’s, Calvert Farm Brewery, Scorpion, Greenspring (I hope) and Calvert Production. I found a few articles on craft beer that you can read, while I’m away. 

This is not a test. This is sort of the Reader’s Digest of craft beer. Scratch that, it is the Reader’s Digest of craft beer – 19 Beers Every Beer-Lover Has to Try Right Now.

Tree House Brewing is a Massachusetts brewery that I am dying to visit. Learn all about Tree House in 9 Things You Should Know About Tree House Brewing Company.

Say it ain’t so – Avery is no longer considered a craft brewery in the eyes of the Brewers Association.  The Latest Craft Beer Buyout is Colorado’s Avery Brewing Co. tells the sad story of this great brewery’s purchase.

Finally, I recently learned that Sapwood Cellars is coming to Columbia. Michael Tonsmeire (The Mad Fermentationist) and Scott Janish have signed a lease for the Bulk Head Brewery location on Route 108. OMG, the Mad Fermentationist will be brewing within walking distance of my house! I have died and gone to heaven!

Future Home of Sapwood Cellars
Future Home of Sapwood Cellars



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