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Trash Panda

Hysteria Brewing Company

Columbia, MD

Trash Panda definition:

  1. a raccoon;  usage: Those damn trash pandas keep tearing up my trash bags. (Urban Dictionary)
  2. a delicious juice bomb from Hysteria Brewing Company; usage: Is there a better Howard County beer than Trash Panda? (me)

Zack from Frisco and Ty from Hysteria
Zack from Frisco and Ty from Hysteria

We had another great Pint Night at Frisco Tap House. We had a few things to celebrate. Stephen is a new dad, Mark a granddad,  Jim’s niece just got married, and Columbia has a new brewery.

Recently opened Hysteria Brewing Company was the featured brewery, with several beers on tap. I started with the amazing Trash Panda — great name, better beer. This beer was the star of the night. For me, it hit all the right notes, from its hazy golden color to the floral nose and juicy, fruity hoppiness. I will seek out this beer (strictly for research purposes) whenever I can. Many thanks to Black Flag Brewing for letting Hysteria brew a batch of this beer on their system to meet demand.

Trash Panda
Trash Panda      photo by dBear

Around the table were some other Hysteria beers that I tasted:

I finished things off with a stout, Darkest Hour. This is a well-made beer, very roasty beer with a hint of smoke. It has a little too much of the roasted flavors for me, but I could see enjoying one of these with something from the barbecue.

Hysteria is a very new brewery and as expected, they are running into a few problems. They have some wonderful beers and once their production system is up and running, I think Columbia will be proud of this fine brewery.




2 thoughts on “Trash Panda

  1. I can’t wait for Hysteria to ramp up beer production. People seem to be drinking it faster than they can brew it.

  2. Ty mentioned their production system is nearly online. The electricians had a limited time each day to work on the system. Once the electricity is fully installed, I expect they will be in full production mode. Right now they are using a 1 barrel pilot system, pretty limiting.

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