Atlantic taproom


Bar Harbor, ME

Atlantic Brewing Midtown opened about 3 weeks ago in Bar Harbor, Maine.
That’s pronounced Bah Hahbah if you’re from Maine. 

I was lucky enough to find this pilot brewery in downtown Bar Harbor. They have great wifi and the beer is pretty good as well. Since my T-Mobile carrier offers limited coverage when I travel, I have to rely on the kindness of strangers. In this case, it was this shiny new brewery.

Atlantic pilot system
Atlantic pilot system

I would take a break from hiking or biking in Acadia National Park and spend an hour or two tasting a few beers and blogging upstairs in this open, beautiful pilot brewery.

My "desk" at Atlantic
My “desk” at Atlantic

Their 7-barrel system makes more experimental beers; trying them out on their customers. Their 20-barrel production system located a few miles away makes their tried and true beers, like Cadillac Mountain Stout.

Atlantic taproom from upstairs
Atlantic taproom from upstairs

Beers I tasted included:

  • Joel & Alex – I really like this pale wheat beer, sweet with just a hint of wheat. Almost fruity.
  • Oaty McOatface– Love the name! It is sweet and oaty. What a great ale!
  • Thunder Hole Ale – Nice, sweet nut brown. Typical thin bodied brown.
  • Cadillac Mountain Stout – Subtle cocoa taste to this terrific stout.
  • GAME ON!! – experimental IPA. Nice up front with bitter metallic finish
Atlantic flight
Atlantic flight




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