Saturday Musings

Hey, it’s Saturday. Relax, grab your favorite beverage, prop up your feet and relax. I’ve found a few articles about the beer world that might interest you.

Beer Reads
Beer Reads

Baltimore’s own UNION Craft Brewing is outgrowing its current location. Read about their plans to relocate and expand the brewery.

Peter Franchot, the Maryland Comptroller, has formed the Reform on Tap Task Force. This Wednesday, May 24th at 3:00 PM,  the Task Force will meet at Johns Hopkins University’s Charles Commons, located at 3302 N. Charles Street in Baltimore. It is open to the public. I plan to attend. Naptown Pint provides the Reform on Tap Task Force: Maryland Beer Survey Results.

This one is for all you beer nerds  – you know who you are. The Brewers Association recently released its Beer Style Guidelines for 2017.

Here’s an amusing beer journey through time, tracking suds from 5,000 BC to today’s craft brew revolution.

Last, but certainly not least, read about the always entertaining Sam Calagione and his Quest for the Most Thirst Quenching Beer.




2 thoughts on “Saturday Musings

  1. Saw your article on Dogfish, We were at the restaurant this week. They rebuilt the place it is very nice. The food has been updated, it is a lot better than the last time we were there. I saw the low calorie stuff on the menu. I stuck with the their Belgium white.

    1. I live the restaurant in Rehobeth. This is the first time in many years not to stop in. I hope to see the tasting room tomorrow in Milton. This will be my first time there.

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