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Saturday Beer Reads

For me, its been a week preparing for winter. I’ve been putting my garden to bed, transplanting perennials to new garden beds and cleaning up the yard. And of course, attending Frisco’s Punktoberfest 6, with all that delicious pumpkin beer! Despite hearing that pumpkin beer is no longer in vogue, I still love it!  Continue reading Saturday Beer Reads

Beer Reads

Although it is still officially autumn, the weather says summer. So, be sure to enjoy the great outdoors while you still can. And when you take a break, find a quiet place, open a refreshing beverage and catch up on the craft beer world.  Continue reading Beer Reads

Saturday Musings

It seems we survived that dreaded October Friday the 13th. I visited the UPS store yesterday  and learned that yesterday is considered the ultimate wreck night. I pulled anything lose from the yard (lawn furniture, etc) and  stored them in the garage for the night.

It is a bit overcast right now, but rain is in the forecast here in Maryland. So, it is perfect weather to stay inside, relax and catch up on your reading. I’ve found a few articles about the beer world that may amuse you. Enjoy. Continue reading Saturday Musings

Saturday Beer Reads

Fall officially began this week.  Happy autumn! I’m trying to embrace the fall season after the memorable and fun summer. I’m mourning the end of fresh tomatoes and peaches, but now we can look forward to apples, pumpkins and of course, seasonal beers like pumpkin, Oktoberfest, and Marzens. Below are a few gems I found to read on this first weekend of fall.

Manor Hill taproom behind the bar

One of my favorite breweries is back in the news. Read about Wesley Case’s visit to Manor Hill Brewing’s farm brewery.

In celebration of fall, read about The Best German Lagers to Drink for This Year;s Oktoberfest.

I try to drink a glass of water for every beer I drink. Well, try 3 glasses for each beer. Business Insider says “We tried the alcohol diet Tom Brady put Rob Gronkowski on, and it was a lot harder than we imagined”.

Liz Murphy of Naptown Pint has started a new podcast and introduced a new brewery, Goonda. Tap into the beer world with this great new pintcast.