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New Belgium Comes to Frisco

Columbia, MD

The Columbia Pint Night Gang spent the evening at Frisco Tap House which featured one of the craft beer world’s classiest breweries, New Belgium. This employee owned brewery from Fort Collins, Colorado has a great beer culture of sustainability, bicycles and, oh yeah, happens to make great beer.  Continue reading New Belgium Comes to Frisco

Saturday Beer Reads

It’s September and it sure feels like autumn. The cool air is slowing my garden’s tomato production but fall offers lots of great things to make up for it. So, crack open your favorite harvest ale and check out these musings for this weekend. And oh, yeah, don’t forget about Hysteria’s Labor Day bash, I’ll be there.

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Speaking of fall, check out Maureen O’Prey’s take on pumpkin beers:

Pumpkin Style and other Seasonal Musings


Men’s Fitness has their own spin on the top 8 fall craft brews. I’m happy to see Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Marzen made the list. Danielle St. Pierre of Best Products came up with her own list. Sam Adams Octoberfest made both lists.

I think I’ve heard all 41 of Chris Sands’s Uncapped podcasts. I’m excited to learn that Guinness is projected to open its brewery in mid-October of this year. To learn more about this exciting new Maryland brewery, listen or watch Episode 041 –  Guinness Brewery in Baltimore.

In my pursuit to visit 57 Maryland breweries, I have visited all of Sun reporter Wesley Case’s top Baltimore taprooms, except Diamondback. For me, it’s difficult to whittle down just 5 taprooms. What about Jailbreak? Manor Hill? Oliver Brewing? What do you think?

Top 5 taprooms in the Baltimore area – Baltimore Sun





Saturday Beer Reads

As summer winds down, the beer world gears up for Labor Day, just a warm up for autumn beers. This Labor Day weekend, Hysteria Brewing is planning their reopening. According to their Facebook page, they will be open from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm on Saturday. I see a Trash Panda in my future.

Also, I’ve recently heard from the folks at Crooked Crab Brewing. They hope to open in Anne Arundel County sometime in December.

Once again, I’ve found a few articles that I found interesting. So, take a well-deserved break this weekend and catch up on the beer world.

You know Heineken, the big brewery from Amsterdam purchased Lagunitas. Well, those 2 pot smoking cultures are now putting marijuana in their beer. Read about New Lagunitas Beer is Made with Marijuana – But it Won’t Get You High. 

I just had a wonderful beer pairing at Victoria Gastro Pub,  Manor Hill’s Citra Splendor with their Duck Fat Fries. This Grilled Cheese and Beer Pairing article explains why salt and beer are so scrumptious.

With such a cool August, I’m ready for a good harvest ale, or maybe a pumpkin. Mark Pasquinelli details Brewing the Perfect Pumpkin Ale.

For those masochistic enough to follow this blog, you know I love Maine Beer Company from my trip to Acadia this summer. JR Shirt reviews Maine Beer Co. and MO in Give Me Some MO (everything).




Weekend Beer Reads

It looks like we will have a dry weekend, finally. I plan on tasting a few beers this afternoon with SPBW’s bar crawl. They are making it interesting by using the light rail and starting at Union. I’m sure there’s a blog post in this one.

If you need a break from all your outdoor activities, take a break and peruse these articles about beer I’ve found for you.

Liz Murphy’s Naptown Pint gives a great prep for Reform on Tap Task Force.

Liz is not the only women in the beer world. Read about Pink Boots Society hosts Philly symposium to battle sexism in the beer industry.  Also,  Austin just got Two Female Brewery Owners to Bring Brewing downtown.  

You may have read that Millennials are killing craft beer.  The Motley Fool explains it’s all a vicious rumor.

This Austrian brewery has a unique use of beer – Take a Dip … in a Beer Pool.