OC Brewing Flights

OC comes to HOCO

Elkridge, MD

Surfs up in Elkridge! On a beautiful Friday afternoon, I tried out the newly opened Ocean City Brewery. It felt like a little piece of Ocean City dropped into Howard County.  

We chose to eat lunch outside, just a few doors down from the Perfect Pour and around the corner from Trader Joe’s. The pilings and palm tree decor were a nice touch for the outside dining. We enjoyed the terrific sound system, playing a great music selection.

Outside of OC Brewing Co.
A piece of OC comes to HoCo

The flights of 3, 5-ounce pours came in surfboards, a really creative touch. I’m not usually a fan of watermelon beers but I was surprised at the subtle watermelon wheat – All Righty Then!, probably the best beer of the bunch.

OC Brewing Flights
OC Brewing Flights

The food was pretty good and the beer was well-presented on a surfboard flight of 3.

OC Brewing Feast
OC Brewing Feast

Our waiter, Raul, mentioned that OC Brewing had only been open for 3 weeks. He said Friday’s have been their busiest days along with game nights. The many TVs inside are a good draw to watch sports with beer and food.

Inside Ocean City Brewing
Inside Ocean City Brewing

Ocean City, welcome to Howard County!



2 thoughts on “OC comes to HOCO

  1. The OC beers I’ve had in the past were unremarkable. It’s been a while though so I figured I’d stop by and try them out. The beer I chose was their new Karma IPA. It’s a decent beer.

    The bartender also mentioned that they’ll be planning a home-brew competition. So that’s something to look forward to.

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