Saturday Ponderings

The weekend has started out great. On Friday, we swung by Sonoma’s for dinner and to listen to the Soul Magnets – good times! Now on this lazy Saturday morning, I’ve found a few articles about beer I found interesting. Enjoy! 

You know that Reform on Tap discussed retail stores and the possibility of selling beer in grocery stores. Here are few articles/videos about that topic:

It looks like our friends at Anheuser-Busch InBev reportedly lays off hundreds of people. Meanwhile, AB Inbev mocks craft beer through advertising.

Have you ever wondered why your jaw tingles when you eat or drink really sour things? Apparently, it’s your salivary glands kicking into gear.

I personally like a pumpkin beer so I don’t get the hatred for this seasonal beverage. One Norfolk brewery loathes pumpkin spice beers and acts on it.

Finally, watch this German waiter break the world record for carrying beer steins. Perhaps the next Olympic event?






One thought on “Saturday Ponderings

  1. Thanks for the mention! The Soul Magnets love playing Sonoma’s and thoroughly enjoyed your presence. Jailbreak Amber and DuClaw Funk on tap there were solid offerings. Cheers!

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