Troegs Fan

Raspberry Gose Meets Wingapaloosa

Hershey, PA

When most people hear of Hershey, Pennsylvania, they think of chocolate and amusement parks. I think of Tröegs Independent Brewery. And when I’m near Hershey, I make a point of stopping for a beer. 

We were camping on a lake at Gifford Pinchot State Park for a few days and made the journey up to Tröegs. When we arrived at the brewery, the humidity was so intense we practically ran into the air-conditioned tasting room. Good thing – a deluge poured down about the time we were seated. We had taken down our campsite that morning and had some sausage and a flight on the table during the downpour, so our timing was perfect. It’s nice to be lucky!

Troegs Fan
Troegs Fan with a Raspberry Gose and Hop Knife


The tasting room is an enormous beer hall with a great wait staff that will bring beer to your table and setup a tab. Also, their food is very good – I highly recommend their sausage. The Scratch 284 – Raspberry Gose was so good, I purchased a crowler. I found it had just the right amount of raspberry with a bit of tartness. Refreshing and light. Great with the salad.

Troegs Brewery
Troegs Brewery

During a past visit, we toured the brewery, which was a lot of fun. Once you have had your fill of beer at the tasting room and food from the snack bar, don’t miss the Tröegs store on the way out. They offer plenty of souvenirs and beer to go.

Troegs Brewery
Troegs tasting room

By the way, the Raspberry Gose was a real hit at Z’s annual Wingapaloosa. He invites the pint night gang, plus his rugby and work friends and cooks up a ton of wings for a great party. Pierce and dBear’s homebrews were big hits, as well as the Raspberry Gose. We even mixed some summer ales/ Kolsches with the gose for a unique taste.



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