Reading Rainy Weekend

Really, another rainy weekend? I’m happy because my tomatoes seem to like it but it is starting to get old. I feel like I’m back in Maine. Maryland in August is supposed to be hot and dry. Well, it’s still the weekend. Make a little “me” time. Crack open a beer or slice a tomato and enjoy these hand-picked articles about beer, just for you. 

a big tomato on a scale
Big Brandywine tomato

I was surprised to find this article from the UK about alternative uses for beer. I can’t imagine doing anything with a beer except drink it.

Vinepair’s article claims beer makes you more creative. It seems a bit far-fetched to me but hey, I drink beer and write a blog. Maybe it’s true.

Scientists keep proving that beer is good for you. Who can argue with that?

I agree that “The craft brewery is quickly becoming a community staple like your library, grocery store, and coffee shop.” This fascinating article contends that despite gloomy predictions, the craft beer industry continues to grow. And the influence it has in our communities is startling.

Southern Tier Pumking is back for fall



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