Street view of Brewer's Alley

Brewers Alley

MD Brewery Challenge #22

Frederick, MD

On a cool August day in Maryland (is that even possible?), I spent my lunch in Brewer’s Alley. I parked in downtown Frederick and walked to the brewery, finding a seat outside. My seemingly impossible goal of visiting 57 Maryland breweries this year is just a little closer. 

Outside Brewer's Alley
Outside Brewer’s Alley

Brewer’s Alley is a huge place, with brick walls, outdoor seating, a bar area, and a small brewery behind a glass wall. I was lucky to be served by the very attentive Laura who only started working there a few weeks ago. With her help, I ordered a flight of six. Below is my final selection:

  • Kölsch – Crisp and clean. Their most popular beer. A nice flavorful Kölsch.
  • Hefeweizen – Sweet hefe. I’m missing the banana.
  • 1634 Ale – Molasses, rye and caraway beer. Unusual beer celebrating MD’s 375th birthday. It works! It’s a nice blend of flavors. (Laura was kind enough to bring a sample bottle of 1634 bottle, which has an explanation of this celebration ale. See the pictures below ).
  • India Pale Ale – Smooth cask IPA. Excellently hopped. Goes well with the Power Salad.
  • Nut Brown Ale – Cask brown with maple syrup & cinnamon. A malty-sweet blend of spices. Dusty finish. A fun beer.
  • Scotch Ale (2015) – Delicious Scotch Ale. (Aged 2 years) tastes of alcohol, molasses, and malty sweetness. The star of the lunch!
Brewer's Alley 1634 Ale
Brewer’s Alley 1634 Ale
Brewer's Alley 1634 beer label
Brewer’s Alley 1634 beer label

I was a bit leery of trying the Power Salad, especially with its raw Brussel sprouts, but Laura persuaded me to give it a try. I was lucky I did. The almonds, sunflower seeds, and shredded vegetables gave a satisfying crunch while the ginger vinaigrette, blueberries, and avocado provided a delicious blend of flavors. My choice of protein was a black bean burger. It was altogether a satisfying lunch treat that I hope to repeat.

Brewer's Alley dining room
Brewer’s Alley dining room

Number 22 on the Maryland Brewery Challenge was a real hit. The service was wonderful, the food exceptional and the beer quite tasty.

Brewer's Alley small brewery
Brewer’s Alley small brewery





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