HS/Union Olde Ale

Heavy Seas Olde Ale

Malty Monday

Every Monday, we get together with friends for Meatless Monday. We rotate to different homes, where the host cooks the entrée and everyone else contributes something to the meal. We always have a good time seeing our friends, enjoying good food and conversation.  Yesterday, I had an added pleasure. My friend, pulled out a Heavy Seas beer I had never tried before: Olde Ale

We split the 22-ounce bomber and I loved it! The beer is dark brown with a tan head that quickly dissipates. The label proclaims “Brewed with Brown Sugar” which is very prominent throughout. Initially, the smell of dried fruit and brown sugar hits the nose. The up front taste of sweet molasses and caramel with hints of nuts and cocoa is delightful. I will definitely seek out more of this limited release collaborative brew. Baltimore brewers Heavy Seas and Union Craft Brewing Company got it right with this one!

Heavy Seas’ Description:

Hints of nuts, cocoa, molasses and dried fruits float over a chewy, luscious body of English malt goodness. Local Domino Brown Sugar and neighborly comrades helped us produce a true comfort ale.

Heavy Seas/Union Olde Ale
Heavy Seas/Union Olde Ale

The Partner Ships Series

Fascinated by this unexpected treat, I did a little research into Heavy Seas’ Partner Ships, a Collaborative Series. I was surprised to learn this is their second year of collaborative brewing. How did I miss these local gems? From their website, I found a list of their partners and the beers. Also, I discovered their next collaboration, an IPL with Cigar City.

2016 Partner Ship Beers

  • Maine Brewing Company Red IPA (7.2% ABV)
  • Troegs Independent Brewing Imperial Brown IPA (9% ABV)
  • Terrapin Beer Company Rye Wit, aged in white wine barrels (6% ABV)
  • Stone Brewing Company Hoppelbock – a strong, hoppy amber lager (8% ABV)

2017 Partner Ship Beers

Old Ale

HS Brewery Tour - Aarg!
HS Brewery Tour – Aarg!

Heavy Seas loves to play with the pirate theme, hence the “Partner Ships” Series. Go on their pirate lead brewery tour for a real treat. Even their “Olde Ale” style is the pirate version of an old ale. Beer Advocate (BA) likens an old ale to a port wine – dark and fruity with “intense malts and sharp alcohol characteristics”.  BA lists Founders’ Old Curmudgeon, Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale and Avery’s Old Jubilation as examples of this old style beer. Heavy Seas’ and Union’s version is perhaps sweeter than the tradition old ale, but I found it a comforting, delicious beer.



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