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Saturday Brew Review

Beer Reads

It is an exciting time in the world of craft beer. Brewers are experimenting with new styles and refining old established standards. Having a beer once meant drinking an ice cold lager. Now beer drinking can range from light kölsches to heavy Imperial Stouts, from fruity wit beers to sour tangy Saisons. The styles and flavors are wide open!

So, on this rainy weekend, find someplace warm and comfortable, crack open a beer to savor while perusing over some interesting articles from the craft beer nation.




HS/Union Olde Ale

Heavy Seas Olde Ale

Malty Monday

Every Monday, we get together with friends for Meatless Monday. We rotate to different homes, where the host cooks the entrée and everyone else contributes something to the meal. We always have a good time seeing our friends, enjoying good food and conversation.  Yesterday, I had an added pleasure. My friend, pulled out a Heavy Seas beer I had never tried before: Olde AleContinue reading Heavy Seas Olde Ale

Spring Training in Florida

Florida Brewery Tour

You are in for a treat. Dbear, guest blogger and Columbia, Maryland Pint Night member, writes about his recent trip to Florida.  Cheers!  Warren

On our annual trip to Sarasota for Orioles Spring Training, we try to add some beer to our baseball. This year we hit the jackpot by getting to go to 3 breweries and 1 brewpub. Continue reading Spring Training in Florida