Manor Hill Brewery Tour

Manor Hill’s New Brewer

There is some exciting news at our beloved Manor Hill Brewery located in Ellicott City, Maryland.

According to Manor Hill’s Director of Brewery Operations, Jason Gotcher: “Ben Little is no longer working for Manor Hill.  He is currently exploring other opportunities.  

Kurt Krol is our new Head Brewer.  Kurt has been brewing all of our beers for the past 7 months and has come to us with 9 years of large scale production brewery experience.  We are incredibly excited to move forward with Kurt running the brewhouse.” Continue reading Manor Hill’s New Brewer

Saturday Beer Thoughts

I found a few articles I thought you’d enjoy. So, take a moment, crack open a refreshing beverage and ponder over this week’s beer news.

Effects of AB InBev still are rocking the craft beer world. Read about Wicked Weed’s Beer Competition and AB InBev is hoarding South African Hops.

Beer trends are all over the place, from Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch Beer (thought of you Z) to Coconut Beer to human urine.

Have a great weekend. I’m off to the MD Craft Beer Festival.




Peter Franchot and Mike MacDonald

HB1283 Again


Maryland House Bill 1283 was passed, increasing the amount of beer sold in tasting rooms from 500 barrels per year to 2000. A provision allows a brewery to request to increase the amount up to 3000 barrels, but the additional 1000 barrels have to be sold to the distributor, then bought back. In return for increasing the barrel limit, any new brewery must restrict their hours, closing before 9:00 PM on Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 PM  on Friday and Saturday. Finally, beer served at the brewery must be brewed and fermented at the brewery.  Continue reading HB1283 Again